Easy house ideas in Minecraft


Easy house ideas in Minecraft

When they first enter Minecraft, players are overwhelmed by its size. They feel lost in the wild and long for a safe, comfortable place to call home. They decide to build a home as their first step in this journey. They don't have enough money to build a house, so they are unable to come up with creative solutions.

To make their own safe space, new players usually have some wood and cobblestone blocks in the backpack. These basic blocks, if used properly, can make some amazing starter houses.

Minecraft offers players a blank canvas, and allows them to build any type of house they want. However, these are the best starter homes new players can build.

5) Cave Bunker

Some players enter Minecraft quickly to search for rare or precious loot. A great way to make a small area of cave into a permanent bunker is to close it off. To make their bunker, players can close off the cave and go underground. They will need to search for food and wood on the surface.

4) Mountain Hobbit Hole

Minecraft is home to some amazing soaring mountains. They are open to creative ideas by players who want to make them their home. A hobbit hole is one way to build a home in a mountain. You can make a shelter by mining a mountain.

3) Beach house

Players who spawn close to a large body of water that has beach-like land terrains can build a beautiful beach home. There are many structures that can be built on a beach house. These structures can be built on the beach or in the water off the mainland.

2) Wooden Hut

The best house designs are the ones that have been tried and true. A classic starter house for new Minecraft players is the wooden hut. It is a simple, but powerful wooden safe house with a hut-like roof that can be built by new Minecraft players.

1) Stone brick house

New players can use stone bricks or wood to build a stronger starter house. Cobblestone can also be used, but it is not a popular choice due to its rough texture. To build a beautiful house, players can make stone bricks or use wooden planks.