How to find amethysts in Minecraft


How to find amethysts in Minecraft

Part 2 of Minecraft 1.18 “Caves and Cliffs”, a highly anticipated update, is now available. It introduces a multitude of new features.

The Minecraft 1.18 update brought about some significant changes. This includes a complete overhaul to the world generation system. This means that many of the generation mechanisms for precious ores and pre-existing blocks have been completely overhauled.

Amethyst, one of many items that generates completely new versions thanks to the 1.18 update, is one of them. This guide will show you the best and easiest ways to find it in the latest version.

1) Strip mining below 30

Minecraft 1.18 has brought amethyst geodes a range of Y = 30 to Y = 64. There is now a 0% chance that amethyst will generate above the height level of Y = 30, unlike previous versions.

To harvest amethyst, one of the best ways to find an amethyst Geode is to strip mine below Y = 30. The best way to find any ore, whether it is amethyst or gold, is to strip mine (commonly called branch mining).

2) Underwater exploration in an ocean biome

Exploring deep ocean biomes is one of the most frequent ways that players stumble upon amethyst gedes. Because they are usually below the required height level of 30 Y, these biomes often contain amethyst gedes on the ocean floor.

It may be helpful for players who are interested in harvesting amethyst from the ocean floor to have a few water-breathing remedies with them before they begin their hunt. This will dramatically increase the time it takes to search the ocean floor for amethyst before you need to return to the surface to get air.

3) Exploring deep underground caves

Deep underground caves are another place where amethyst gedes have been found. This is because many cave biomes can create deep underground, which allows amethyst gedes to also generate.

It is easy to locate many amethyst geodes that protrude from the walls of underground caves. The Minecraft “Caves and Cliffs” update introduced two new cave biomes that players can explore. This gives them more options to locate an amethyst-shaped geode deep underground.