Westeros in Minecraft :O


Westeros in Minecraft :O

Sometimes, Minecraft is merged with other media. This can be in the form a collaboration between brands. Recently, Puma teamed up with the game. In the past, Major League Baseball and Sonic the Hedgehog have all been featured in the popular sandbox game.

Sometimes, however, the crossover is done in informal ways. Players can create custom skins to Marvel heroes or place-making from movies, books, and other media. The crossover is a result of Game of Thrones.

One Minecraft Redditor attempted to recreate Westeros (the fictional setting for the majority of the eight-season-long television series). Although it's still a work-in-progress, it looks promising.

Minecraft Redditor recreates Game of Thrones

Minecraft's most amazing feature is its ability to create almost any type of thing you want. Although some things can be difficult due to the lack of circles, most things are possible.

It doesn't matter if you have an image or an imagination. Redditor in this instance took a photo of Westeros and started to recreate it.

Gamers who don't know the series may not recognize this clip. For those gamers, the only thing that may be easily recognized is the iron throne. Anyone who has seen the clip from the original image will recognize the Minecraft version.

Although it doesn't look quite as dark and bleak as Game of Thrones' in-universe world, it is a faithful recreation. The layout of the buildings is exactly right, and the texture of the snow is flawless, too.

Only three horse-drawn travelers remain. It's a remarkable start to Westeros recreation. It seems that the community agrees with this statement. They have given it tons of praise in comments.

Many commenters offered suggestions for future additions on the Game of Thrones-themed Map.

Others were simply impressed by the quality of the work.

The post received over 9000 upvotes in less than a day. The post has received a lot of praise, and it deserves all of it. Follow the original poster to see more updates from the rest of the world.